Bumpy Jumpy 1.1

Bumpy Jumpy 1.1: Help main the personage to overcome the obstacles in the lost ancient city. Bumpy game for old consoles, do you feel some nostalgia about it ? Bumpy remake for PC has been released. Help main the personage the Bumpy to overcome the obstacles and collect treasures in the lost ancient city. There are spikes, fire, barriers and the other traps on the Bumpys way from level to level. This game will test not only your reflexes, but also strategical thinking. 100 interesting levels in full version and addictive gameplay will give

Bumping Adventures 1.1.0: Bumping Adventures is inspired by classic action-platform-puzzle Bumpy’s...
Bumping Adventures 1.1.0

Bumping Adventures is inspired by classic action-platform-puzzle Bumpy’s Arcade Fantasy. The player has to collect items to find exit on each level as fast as possible, avoiding deadly traps and enemies and using various objects (trampolines, teleports, etc.) to his/her advantage.

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A-POP 1.0: Solve puzzles by bouncing colored bubbles into each other to make them PoP!
A-POP 1.0

Solve puzzles by bouncing colored bubbles into each other to make them PoP! This novel game has 50 levels to entertain with tests of skill and puzzles to solve. You control a white bubble with your mouse, and by bouncing your White bubble into other bubbles, you can cause other bubbles to bump and PoP. Bumping similar colored bubbles makes them pop, but bumping different colored bubbles together creates a new bubble.

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bumper character puzzle 1: Try to solve this fun Bumper 100 piece puzzle in a matter of minutes.
bumper character puzzle 1

Try to solve this fun Bumper 100 piece puzzle in a matter of minutes. Amateurs as well as beginers are going to have plenty of enjoyable times even though the complexity with the online game will certainly nonetheless always be difficult. Excpect investing additional time clearing up a problem.


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Music Tools 1.0

BumpUp.exe quadruples the size of a wave file, making it sound four times lower. This allows you to hear the super high frequency content in your music and work with it. When you are done filtering it you can then run BumpDown to return your masterpiece to its original speed. Desnap eliminates loud unwanted clicks from digital music without sacrificing any brilliance. This is not a filter. It scans wave files for snap events and fixes them.

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Hearse VS Zombies 1.11: Addictive iPhone/iPad  Physics Puzzle Game!
Hearse VS Zombies 1.11

bumps, jumps, loopings, and many other funny obstacles!!! ******* FEATURES: * Realistic auto physics * DIY fun - creat your really special wired powerful hearse. * 24 really challenging tracks. * Bumps, Rocks, Jumps, Loopings, Huge Walls, Zombie Tanks & Fighters and MORE… * Three themes - Graveyard, Zombie Amusement Park and Zombie Forest. * Really cute & creepy graphics. * iPhone, iPodtouch, iPad support * Instantly playable and simple to control

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MBall 2 2.0: MBall 2 is an addictive breakout game with a Pinball feel!
MBall 2 2.0

bumpers and lots of powerup barrels which roll down. Your paddle rides on a red laser beam, move the paddle with the mouse to send to ball to the top of the playfield and destroy all of the six sided blocks while preventing it from hitting the red laser beam. There are 3 power bumpers which change color when hit and give bonus points. Powerup barrels appear and roll down the screen every 4th block destroyed. The demo version allows you to play a

arkanoid, pinball, action, arcade

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